Infrared radiant heater with electricity as energy-resource will be the developing tendency in heating-market

In the majority cold area, the heating way is welfare-heating system and centralize-heating measurement-based fees collection system. Protecting for natural environment, different areas and countries promulgate coercive measure of environmental-protection. The traditional boiler-heating is facing collision, different new style heating products are sold and increasing, but no one has obvious competitive advantage so far.
From the heating developing tendency, the electric-heating market is raising from 2005, especially in big cities the standard of environmental ¨C protection and energy-saving in construction is in regulation, the situation is suitable for heating development with electricity as energy-resource.
Dalian Nieo Cooling & Heating Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd is in China, and being the manufacturer of infrared radiant heater heating-supply system and home infrared radiant heater , with electricity as energy-resource, imitating the principle of ¡°The sun warms the earth¡± , infrared radiant panel is adopted advanced heating element and special alloy-aluminum plasma spraying, the heating way is radiant-heat produced by heat-radiant line (0.1 ¡« 1000¦Ìm wave length), the heating system adopts alternative heat-conduction, heat-changing on roof, floor, wall or other surface. Its electric-heat transfer rate is 99.8%, infrared radiant rate is 85%; temperature ¨Ccontroller can be used together with infrared radiant heater to form heating system, it can control the indoor temperature. It is a new heat-supply idea adopting high condition of sanitation and comfort.
In recently years, the infrared radiant heater is widely used indoors in winter and popular. In 2004 the Chinese Ministry of Construction¡¢ Ministry of Housing Industry¡¢Chinese Academy of Sciences and other experts tested the infrared radiant heater Nieo Nuan-Ba brand in different areas ,which is produced by Dalian Nieo Cooling & Heating Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd , outdoor temperature is 28¡æ below zero, indoor temperature is 20¡æ above zero, the product quality and technical performance can reach the advanced international level and domestic leading. The product is no-wind, no-smell, and no-light. The wave length of infrared radiant heater switch-on is 8¡«15¦Ìm, the heat radiant can change body microcirculation, cell organization under skin producing resonance , clearing the barrier of microcirculation, adjusting and balancing nervous system promoting metabolism, increasing body phylactic power, it is very good for health. Comparing the heating system of infrared radiant heater and traditional centralized heating , the infrared radiant heater can save over 20% capital, no-maintenance, no- dangerous and service life is up to 20 years, no worry about leakage of traditional heating ; no-restriction of heating-season, intelligent control indoors within 5¡æ¡«30¡æ, the heating requirement can be freely adjusted . The infrared radiant heater looks pretty and coordinates, with decoration effect.
Heat-supply product with electricity as energy-source is adopted, suitable for the current developing tendency. The infrared radiant heater produced by China Dalian Nieo Cooling & Heating Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is unique, with bright future and will be the leading product in heating market!

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