Infrared radiant heater

Product Name:Infrared radiant heater
Product description:

Infrared radiant heater is an efficient and energy-saving heating product with electricity as energy source and supplying heat by infrared radiation. It has many virtues like rapid temperature rising, safe, energy-saving, heat accumulation, environmental protection, easy installation, simple usage, physical therapy and health protection to people.
The heating elements of infrared radiant heater are carbon-ceramics heating ones, with electricity-heat transformation rate of 99.8%. The infrared radiant heater is equipped with heat accumulator inside. The front face of heating member is the fin type radiant panel on which the plasma infrared radiant layer is formed by plasma oxidation spraying, with infrared radiant rate as high as 85%, reaching the world advanced level.
Infrared radiant heater can be used together with temperature controller to form infrared radiant heating system. According to the temperature needs of the user, the temperature in each room can be freely adjusted. Similar to electric refrigerator in power saving, this product is also provided with intelligent On/Off system. In addition, the infrared radiant heater is equipped with heat accumulator inside to accumulate heat while emitting heat. When the indoor temperature reaches the preset temperature, the heating system will automatically stop and the heat accumulator begins to emit heat so as to maintain the preset temperature for a long time, saving energy and power.

(1) Comfortable: No wind, light or odor will be caused during the running of this product, so the indoor air is clean without floating dust and with high thermal comfort

(2) Energy-saving: This product has high heat generation efficiency and good heat radiation effect, controls the temperature intelligently, and saves power and energy

(3) Reliable: The indoor temperature can be freely adjusted, free of the limitation of heating season. The service life of this product is up to 20 years

(4) Physical therapy: The heat radiant can change body microcirculation, cell organization under skin producing resonance, clearing the barrier of microcirculation, adjusting and balancing nervous system promoting metabolism, increasing body physical power. It is very good for your health

Model:MH-8 Packing size(mm):910x305x150 Net weight:8.6kg Gross weight:17.9kg
Quantity in container (piece/feet):546/20; 1148/40
Model:MH-12 Packing size(mm):1205x465x150 Net weight:11kg Gross weight:23.3kg
Quantity in container (piece/feet):420/20; 896/40
Model:MH-18 Packing size(mm):1205x465x150 Net weight:16.2kg Gross weight:34.2kg
Quantity in container (piece/feet):296/20; 568/40
Model:MH-24 Packing size(mm):1205x605x150 Net weight:21.3kg Gross weight:44.8kg
Quantity in container (piece/feet):206/20; 450/40
Note: 2 units in one peace

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