Electric heater

Product Name: Electric heater
Product description:
High-quality explosion and cracking proof quartz tube, rapid heating
Paraboloid energy collection and reflection, with stronger thermal power
Falling automatic OFF protection
120 min. super long timing
Multi-grade power, adjustable
Power source: 220Vac/50Hz
Power: 1800/2400W
Note: The product of this series also be the new type infrared radiant electric heater with carbon-ceramics heat pipe as heating element and alloy aluminum plate as radiant panel.

Model: QTH-80 / QTH-81 / QTH-82 / QTH-83
Size (mm):L x W x H = 350 x 200 x 700 (QTH-80); L x W x H = 700 x 140 x 450 (QTH-81)
L x W x H = 520 x 180 x 580 (QTH-82); L x W x H = 770 x 290 x 740 (QTH-83)

QTH-80 QTH-81

QTH-82 QTH-83

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